Monday, December 21, 2009

New Moleskine!

Three of them, actually. Best Christmas gift ever. One red one, One story boarding one *swoon*, and a Japanese folio one. I'm going to pull some of these into photoshop, so look for that at a later date!
As for these (from top to bottom),
- MGFX plant and paperball and A couple girlies I sat.
- Policeman still from Mary Poppins drawn while sitting and a bit of patterning that was on one of their pillows.
- Lee's Sweet tea drawn while watching 2012, obviously standing the test of time.
- A bowl of christmas ornaments drawn, once again, while sitting.
-And finally, some randoms drawn while sitting, once again pillow patterns, and my foot. Plus: a story about Aaron and I driving a convertible through the desert!

Feeling good. Loving these snow days. Happy Holidays All!

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