Friday, May 22, 2009

Back to Brunswick...

and keeping up with the list as well as to be expected.

Drawing from life everyday *check* ---thus far at least, thank you to Albert Epshtein's figure drawing class 5 days a week. The man nearly made me pee my pants in fear today when he complimented my use of the skeleton. (Learning anatomy and drawing it well is also happening here, along with the model)

I got a commission from my mom for her class reunion poster. Almost 2 birds with one stone right there. haha

I sewed half a skirt, and a pair of curtains...thats almost a dress, right?

Tonight I am in the middle if moving in with my boyfriend, and turning the extra bedroom into a studio for myself. (hence the curtains)

Feeling good tonight. Anatomy studies up soon, when i move my scanner here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer To-Dos in the World of Art:

One very inspirational coffee shop sitting I came to the conclusion that this summer was going to be that epic summer of creative passion that i've been waiting for. Soon after, this quite large to-do list came to be. By spending all this time typing up this blog, and posting it for all of you to see, i'm attempting to make it legitimate and not just a lonely, unused list.

So here we go.

  • Paint (gouache?) Giant illustration 
  • Draw from life everyday
  • Paint a landscape
  • Draw something decent for my mom
  • Do some flyers, or posters... something with some sort of layout.
  • Build teacup chandelier
  • Sew Kappa Pi book
  • Sew at least 3 dresses
  • Submit t-shirt design to somewhere
  • Get business cards printed
  • Turn bedroom into studio space
  • Sell a piece to someone I don't know
  • Get murals done in Front Royal
  • Find internship for next summer
  • Learn Art History
  • Learn Muscle Structures & draw them well
  • Sew big sketchbook for next year
  • "Family Portrait" take, edit, and get printed
  • Build myself a website and start building others with Aaron
  • Build silkscreen and start making my own tees
  • Write and Illustrate a children's book
  • Get someone to model for me at least once a week

aaron sleeps for hours, thankfully.

This is actually much larger in its initial inked state but my scanner is loving uploading these panoramic images.
I just went with it...but I'll attempt to fix it asap.

time for a big change.

Big page redo, everyone.
Going from a personal blog to a design and illustration portfolio.
I'll be posting sketchbook pages, some design pieces, and some things I find enjoyable.

Im very excited for the turnaround.
Hope you will be too.