Monday, December 21, 2009

Elephants and updates in Knowledge

I finally learned how to photograph work decently, thank goodness.
Enjoy these. All oil on paper.

New Moleskine!

Three of them, actually. Best Christmas gift ever. One red one, One story boarding one *swoon*, and a Japanese folio one. I'm going to pull some of these into photoshop, so look for that at a later date!
As for these (from top to bottom),
- MGFX plant and paperball and A couple girlies I sat.
- Policeman still from Mary Poppins drawn while sitting and a bit of patterning that was on one of their pillows.
- Lee's Sweet tea drawn while watching 2012, obviously standing the test of time.
- A bowl of christmas ornaments drawn, once again, while sitting.
-And finally, some randoms drawn while sitting, once again pillow patterns, and my foot. Plus: a story about Aaron and I driving a convertible through the desert!

Feeling good. Loving these snow days. Happy Holidays All!